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Cloud TV

There Is No Time Like Right Now
Hibrid Digital Productions sets up your unique company TV station, namely,“Cloudtivi”on a cloud base corporate portal.

Your company TV station is an effective platform you can use within your company, for your internal communications , or for your users via a membership registration system.

  • We set up a web portal and an admin panel to organize content,
  • Install the necessary infrastructure to stream cloud based content,
  • Provide training for operating the system and deliver a turnkey solution to your management, and work alongside you as an operating partner if you so choose.
More and more companies are able to reach their employees, their dealership network, and their users directly through “Cloudtivi”, with their On-Premise and Hibrid video content and live broadcasts featuring a dedicated professional directing crew!

Hibrid Digital Productions does everything a riveting TV channel does, and more on behalf of your brand!

What are Hibrid Solutions?

  • Art directors create your corporate image and your designs,
  • Writers prepare your content,
  • Video artists create your animations and your signature images,
  • Digital production crews shoot your content,and editing crew provides the final touch for your videos.
  • Live content is broadcast if you so choose from your factory, sales points, or from your company headquarters via remote broadcast and/or a studio environment, with a dedicated director and production crew.
  • We shoot promotional videos for events, products and training, corporate social media, and factory facilities, and prepare 3D-2D animation, infographic, motion graphic, track motion, and desktop videos.